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Hussein Fatal Pranks Tupac With Janet Jackson Lookalike

Tupac’s opportunity to reconnect with Janet Jackson was one of Hussein Fatal’s favorite memory.

Hussein Fatal Pranks Tupac With Janet Jackson Lookalike

Hussein Fatal recalls the time he pranked Tupac with a lookalike Janet Jackson, as Tupac’s reaction was “funny as hell.”

Hussein Fatal who met Tupac when Shakur was doing time behind bars, would join the Outlawz thanks to Yaki Kadafi. Kadafi, Tupac’s god brother, was also responsible for Napoleon and Young Noble joining hip hop’s iconic group.

Although Fatal was inspired by artists such as KRS-One, Rakim and Kool G Rap, the Jersey born rapper did not have aspirations of becoming a hip hop artist. Fatal’s outlook on music would change instantly after the success he, the Outlawz and Tupac would reach. Resulting in Fatal leaving the streets and now focusing on his music career.

Hussein Fatal Pranks Tupac With Janet Jackson Lookalike
Hussein Fatal

During his very last interview on the Sandbox Radio Network before his tragic passing, Hussein Fatal recalled some of his favorite memories of Tupac Shakur. One of those memories was the time Fatal pranked Tupac in 1996.

“We was in some shop and I seen this bi**ch, a lookalike Janet Jackson,” Fatal recalls. “I didn’t say nothing cause I didn’t want to be all starstruck. So, three minutes past and I’m like, ‘Yo! I think I just saw Janet Jackson. That ni**a turned around like where?! Where she go? Why the f**k you ain’t tell me where she was at.'”

Janet Jackson and Tupac (1993/YouTube)

It is well documented, three years prior, Tupac and Janet Jackson did not end on the best of terms. Tupac and Janet Jackson both co-starred in the 1993 John Singleton film, Poetic Justice. During the movie set, it is well documented, through interviews by Tupac, that Janet requested Shakur to take an AIDS test. Although there were no sex scenes between the two, just a kiss, she wanted him to take the test. Tupac refused, not once but a handful of times, despite multiple efforts from various people working on the film. As told by Tupac during an interview, Janet also went on to change her phone number the day after the movie wrap. (More on Tupac and Janet Jackson here)

After bring told Janet Jackson was in the same vicinity as Tupac, Shakur went on a search. “He went and chased this lady down and it was a lookalike. That sh* was funny as hell,” Fatal said during his Sandbox radio interview. “We made a joke about it at the end, but that sh*t was funny as hell.”

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