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KOTROF15 Records Drops “Memories” Feat. Kasinova The Don and Young Noble

KOTROFI5 Records adds another addition to their catalog of modern-day 90s hip-hop anthems with “Memories” featuring Kasinova The Don, Young Noble.

With a mission to create music that will inspire and encourage positivity, KOTROFI5 RECORDS enlists Kasinova The Don and Young Noble for the single “Memories.

On Valentine’s Day, KOTROFI5 RECORDS will release a track that has assembled powerhouse Emcees Kasinova The Don and Young Noble for the 90s-inspired cut,
“Memories.” Both lyricists deliver a powerful message in their verses, showcasing true skill on the mic as elites of the rap game.

Listeners are treated with raw and authentic emotions that reflect in their own lives as the words penetrate their ears. The hook, sung with the soulful voice of Andrea completes the single that advocates for music with meaning to its composition.

KOTROF15 Records Drops "Memories" Feat. Kasinova The Don and Young Noble

“Memories” is only one of many more songs in the pipeline to be released. KOTROF15 RECORDS is teaming with the best producers in the game and other dope artists like Julisa among others, to usher in a new golden era of hip-hop.

“Walking through the valley of death
Wanted dead or alive
Young Noble Outlaw, KOTROF15
Worldwide, Internationally respected
Your life and your energy you better protect it
Accept it, life it can change in a second
Counting this paper, counting this blessing
No weapon formed against me shall prosper
A beast in these streets, they created a monster
Struggle seems endless, I hustle relentless
I mind my business and handle my business”

– Young Noble “Memories

Their vision is to give power to listeners, allowing fans to decide their achievements and make them a part of the KOTROF15 family. Get ready for their single, “Memories” which comes with visuals available on all audio and video streaming platforms.

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