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Napoleon’s Favorite Podcast Moment Was Reuniting With Outlawz

Napoleon and the Outlawz continue to create memories decades later on platforms such as podcasting.

Napoleon's Favorite Podcast Moment Was Reuniting With Outlawz
Seize The Moment Podcast

Appearing on Seize The Moment podcast, Napoleon spoke about reuniting with the Outlawz for an interview as his favorite podcast moment thus far.

Napoleon, decades removed from the music industry has successfully branched off to various ventures. From releasing his ‘Life Is Raw‘ autobiography to his MW Cafe, Napoleon has also dived into the world of podcasting.

After various attempts at the podcast game, Napoleon has found himself with co-host Q Kwon, on their MU2Q podcast. The podcast consist of everyday talk on topics from: HipHop, Life in LA and Saudi Arabia, Sports, etc. Along with many Special Guests and Q&A sessions with viewers/listeners, MU2Q is quickly on the rise.

Napoleon's Favorite Podcast Moment Was Reuniting With Outlawz
Naploeon (Instagram/@mutahbeale)

“I’m learning as we go,” Napoleon said. “One think about podcast, you slowly but constantly grow. That’s the most important thing.” “We have guests, we asks questions. Now I’m starting to get more and more like a podcaster,” Napoleon added.

One of those guests Napoleon has had the pleasure of interviewing, was the Outlawz. Airing back in November of 2021, episode 9 of MU2Q, marked the first time in four years Napoleon, Young Noble, and E.D.I. Mean have been in a similar setting. Prior to coming together for an interview, the trio had been interviewed on VLAD TV.

“It was amazing man because the last time that I spoke with them all together, like all three of us on a platform was the VLAD TV interview,” Napoleon explained. “So to be able to have my own platform and bring them back on I was excited.”

“It was good to speak. Noble, when he was on the show, if I’m not mistaken he just had open heart surgery. And they’re both on their health path. EDI lost a lot of weight and exercising and eating right. Noble has been exercising and eating right. It’s good to see that we’re getting older, so we got to take care of our body and our minds. So, it was good to talk to them in a positive atmosphere. I just shows that we grew up.”

Earlier this year, Young Noble experienced serious chest pains and was then hospitalized. This experience left Noble with no choice but to make better decisions about his health which include eating healthier, quitting smoking cigarettes and exercising.

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