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Tupac, Outlawz Classic On Iggy Azalea’s Top Rap Song Of All Time

Iggy Azalea speaking with MTV reveals which Tupac Shakur and Outlawz song is her favorite rap song of all time.

Tupac, Outlawz Classic On Iggy Azalea's Top Rap Song Of All Time

Prior to moving from Australia to the United States, Iggy Azalea was a huge fan of Tupac Shakur. In fact, the rapper made sure she owned every Tupac CD, regardless of where she was in the world.

According to Iggy as she spoke to MTV, there was one particular song that made her instantly a Tupac fan. It was the very first song she heard. Featuring the Outlawz, ‘Baby Don’t Cry’ aka ‘Keep Ya Head Up Part 2,’ captivated Iggy into Tupac’s music forever.

“That is the song that I first ever heard of Tupac. My mom’s husband, she remarried, actually worked on an airplane. He would come to America back and forth,” said Iggy. “I would always give him my money that I had earned at my job and I would make him go to record stores in America to buy different Tupac CDs. So I could have all the CDs.”

Tupac, Outlawz Classic On Iggy Azalea's Top Rap Song Of All Time

The classic record was released back in 1999. The first and only official Tupac and Outlawz studio album. An album which went platinum and peaked at number six on the U.S. Billboard 200 chart.

Recently Young Noble shared an acoustic version of ‘Baby Don’t Cry’ featuring Aspects. Noble is set to release a full acoustic album ‘Fire In My Soul,’ hip-hop’s first ever acoustic project.

Source: Tupac Uncensored

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