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Yhung T.O. And E.D.I. Mean Release ”How It Happened” Video

Watch E.D.I. Mean and Yhung T.O. latest video for ‘How It Happened’ off their recent album.

Outlawz vet, E.D.I. Mean and multi-talented Yhung T.O. have released visuals for ‘How It Happened’ off their recent collab album.

After linking together back in 2019, Yhung T.O. and E.D.I. Mean released their first collaboratio project ‘Souljahz 2 Generalz.’

The nine track project features Young Noble, Loui Paso, Marsalis Neal, Mackmason and MackMason. With production from Ol Man 80zz, Doughboy, 8 Track and others, the new project has undeniable hits such as ‘Preachin’ 2 The Choir’ and ‘Mobbin.’

Directed by AT8Productions and shot in L.A., ’How It Happened’ is the first video for the duo. It is not often a veteran in the hip hop industry connects with a younger artist.

“It’s significant in its nature because for me it is the only project that I know of where a veteran that has been in the rap game for twenty plus years linking up with a younger artist,” E.D.I. said speaking exclusively to Hip Hop XXIV.

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