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Young Noble And E.D.I. Mean Remember DJ Kay Slay

Outlawz members, Young Noble and E.D.I. Mean remember the great DJ Kay Slay, who always showed love since day one.

Young Noble And E.D.I. Mean Remember DJ Kay Slay

Outlawz members, Young Noble and E.D.I. Mean remember the great DJ Kay Slay, who always showed love since day one.

On April 17 of 2022, hip hop lost a key staple in their culture. DJ Kay Slay, raised in Harlem, began selling his mixtapes on the streets of New York in the early nineties. Throughout his journey, Kay Slay, represented hip hop with respect and integrity, standing on what he believed and never changing his values under any circumstances.

Many artists, whether they became legendary rappers or not, they all share one thing in common, DJ Kay Slay always showed love. One of those artists, are the Outlawz, who after Tupac’s passing were blackballed by the industry. Especially in New York. But, for DJ Kay Slay, real recognize real. The drama king DJ, showed love to the Outlawz.

Young Noble And E.D.I. Mean Remember DJ Kay Slay
DJ kay Slay (2017)

As seen on the clip below, Kay Slay interacts with the Outlawz, as they became aware Slay included their “We Taking To You” record on his mixtape. “A lil history on our history wit Slay. Back in the late 90s right after Pac passed away, I used to get calls all the time from my NY & Jerzey family saying he would always put our songs on his mixtapes. His tapes was killin the streets. This was at a time when we didn’t get no support from NY Djs due to the whole Hit ‘Em Up, East vs West madness. He was the only DJ out there who consistently showed non bias luv for our music an put us on his tapes,” Young Noble wrote on IG remembering his good friend.

Since then Outlawz and DJ Kay Slay have collaborated on various records. Some of which included The Lox, Onyx, and Lil Cease. “Around 98 we had a NY trip an he reached out for us to come do a freestyle for him. So, we went to his Apt in Harlem we had about 50 homies wit us he invited everyone in that could fit and just showed major luv an we been rockin ever since. Over the years we been on tons of his mixtapes & albums we did a few videos for him an we never charged him a dime ever it was all for the luv of hip hop!!,” Noble added.

Back in 2017, Young Noble and E.D.I. Mean kicked off Kay Slay’s “The Big Brother” album. Along with the intro, was the music video shot in New York. “Rest in paradise to a Legend, My favorite Ny Dj & my friend @djkayslay 🙏🏾❤🙏🏾 Super solid, Super official, Super authentic brother!!,” Noble wrote on Instagram. “This dude helped countless new & older artist get a shot to be heard when most DJs wouldn’t or wanted money in exchange. Slay was a 1 of 1 in this game an he will be deeply missed!! We THANK YOU for your contribution an love you showed us all rest well my brotha.”

Most recently, in 202, Outlawz would make their final appearance on a Kay Slay project. The last ones left, Young Noble and E.D.I. Mean, contributed to Kay Slay’s “Rolling 110 Deep,” a 40 minute lyrical classic.

“I knew we made it when he played our music. He was an official gate keeper, meaning if he rock w you THE STREETS ROCK W YOU. You couldn’t pay him to play. YOUNG DJS STUDY THIS MAN PLEASE. This thing of ours is depending on it🙏🏾 #Restinpower #Kayslay aka Mr. Slap ya fav Dj,” wrote E.D.I Mean on Instagram.

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