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Young Noble Reflects On State Of Hip Hop After PNB Rock’s Death

Young Noble of the Outlawz warns young artists as he reflects on the state of hip hop after PNB Rock’s death.

Young Noble Reflects On State Of Hip Hop After PNB Rock's Death

Outlawz member Young Noble is all too familiar with death in hip hop. With the recent death of PNB Rock, Noble is reminded of the early lost of Tupac and Kadafi.

30-year-old rapper PNB Rock was killed Monday afternoon at the Roscoe’s House of Chicken & Waffles restaurant in South Los Angeles. The rapper was fatally shot after a robbery and marks yet another death of a rapper in 2022. A reoccurring event as Noble stated on his Instagram account, “It seems like a new rapper gets killed every other week.”

As today (September 13th) marks the 26 year anniversary since Tupac passed away after days of fighting for his life, Young Noble provided fans with an important message.

“I just wanna speak on the state of hip hop right now as I been in this game since I was 17, I’m 44 now an it’s worse than ever,” Noble wrote in his IG caption Tuesday morning. “Its been many artist that died over the years but these last few yrs it seem like a new rapper gets killed every other week an they gettin killed by people that look just like them! When you are young, black & successful you are instantly a target an mainly by our own people.”

Young Noble Reflects On State Of Hip Hop After PNB Rock's Death
Quimmy Quim, Young Noble, Yhung T.O., E.D.I. Mean (Instagram)

There has been nine rappers who have lost their lives in 2022, which includes Trouble, Lil Keed and now PNB Rock.

“This game is deadly this was supposed to be our way out an it turned into a death trap. I pray you young artist are paying attention to how this game is going an social media it’s a big part of our downfall these days, the showing off, posting your location when you still there, the hate, the beefs, the fans rooting us on to kill each other, these media outlets on Instagram & YouTube instigating the drama an they do all this for views to get paid an profit off of black death & drama,” Noble wrote.

Young Noble was in town as he performed with Outlawz member E.D.I. Mean at the Observatory Orange County. (Watch: Outlawz Perform Tupac’s Hail Mary Live) Two days later, Noble was ready to shoot a video for his feature spot on E.D.I. Mean’s and Yhung T.O. song ‘Change.’ Noble had intentions of hitting up Roscoe’s, a popular spot even for his late friend Tupac Shakur. Luckily for Noble he ended up shooting the music video for ‘Change’ and took an early flight back home.

According to Noble, E.D.I. and Yhung T.O. decided to eat at the popular Chicken and Waffle spot. “My bros @edidono4l & @qwmdadi ended up going to that Roscoes an they pull up then decided not to eat there because it was too crowded an alot of action in the parking lot so they went to the other Roscoes an find out a hour later Pnb got killed in there.”

Closing out his lengthy and inspirational IG caption, Noble gave advice to young artists in the game. “Be careful how you moving in these streets especially when you wearing a lot of jewelry.. Success breeds jealousy, hate & envy as artist we shine even without diamonds an somebody will take your life because of it! Being a rapper is more dangerous than ever please stay protected yall I’m so sick of this madness we are literally our own worse enemy!”

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