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Young Noble Talks “Fire In My Soul” Acoustic Album

Young Noble talks with Outlaw 4 Life about his new acoustic album “Fire In My Soul” An Acoustic Experience featuring The Aspects.

Young Noble Announces "Fire In My Soul" Acoustic Album

Young Noble has linked with The Aspects for an acoustic experience. The latest project from the Outlaw veteran “Free My Soul” will highlight some of Noble’s most heartfelt verses.

All verses will be re-recorded by Noble with an acoustic experience provided by The Aspects. Aspects who previously worked with the late Hussein Fatal, linked with Young Noble and the rest is history. Working on two songs off the Outlawz “One Nation” album, Aspects and Young Noble working on an entire project was a no brainer.

Recorded in a matter of two days, the album will give the listeners to raw and uncut experience. “It’s live. It’s not me recording and punching in and all that. Every song I did it in one take. From the top, the talking, the verses, the hooks — it wasn’t no stopping on none of the songs,” said Noble exclusively to

Young Noble Announces "Fire In My Soul" Acoustic Album

Deuce Deuce, the solo feature on the album on the song “Pain Into Champagne,” the Toronto rapper also followed the Outlaw veteran with a one take approach. “All this was live. I wanted it to feel like you with me, like if it’s a journey. He could had just sent me some guitars and went into the studio and record, but it wouldn’t have felt like how you it’s gonna feel when you hear it,” explained Noble.

Fans have already seen a glimpse of what to expect as Young Noble over the past weeks has released visuals as he raps over Aspects acoustic sound. As seen below, Noble raps his classic verse off featured on Tupac‘s “Just Like Daddy.”

Plans for a possible second album, music video and touring in the states and overseas is in the works. “Depends on how the response is from this one. If it’s really good, I’m a do a whole brand new one. These are songs that I previously released and I just wanted to put a different feel. Rapping over the acoustic, it just gives you a whole different energy,” said Noble.

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