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Young Noble’s Debut Album “Noble Justice” Turns 20

Young Noble, member of the Outlawz, celebrates the 20th anniversary of his debut studio album ‘Noble Justice.’

Young Noble's Debut Album "Noble Justice" Turns 20

Young Noble, member of the Outlawz, celebrates the 20th anniversary of his debut studio album ‘Noble Justice.’

Released back on May 28th of 2002, “Noble Justice” actually arrived six years late. Known as the last official Outlawz member, Young Noble was set to be the first Outlawz member to release a solo album.

Tupac’s tragic demise changed those plans. But, what did not change was Noble’s hustle and desire to reach greatness. Blackballed from the industry after Napoleon snatched Diddy’s mic on a MTV stage, the Outlawz continued to grind and release albums independently.

One of those albums was Noble’s debut solo album which featured his fellow Outlawz members and The Game, Val Young, Dirty Bert, Yukmouth, Bad Azz, and JT The Bigga Figga.

Young Noble's Debut Album "Noble Justice" Turns 20

E.D.I. Mean, who continues to carry the torch with Noble, was one of those Outlawz featured on the album. For E.D.I., he would contribute to the project with more than just lyrics. The “hope dealer” produced one of the tracks on the album as he stated in the comments section on Instagram. “Title track produced by yours truly 😎,” E.D.I. wrote.

“Dropped my first solo album on this day May 28 in 2002 on #OutlawRecordz I started on this album the same time we started on our group album a few of the songs I made for Noble Justice actually went on The Outlawz first album (Ride wit us or Collide wit us) the joints was so dope the rest of The Lawz had to jump on them as well,” Noble wrote on Instagram.

Twenty years later and the Outlaw veteran has released three more studio albums and countless mixtapes and collaboration projects. “Salute to those who been listening & supporting since the start im blessed to still be doing this thing I love thanks to yall,” Noble said on his IG caption.

In celebration of “Noble Justice,” the Outlawz official website has released exclusive merchandise. T-Shirts, mugs, pillows and more is available with Noble’s lyrics off his debut album. Shop the collection here.

Young Noble's Debut Album "Noble Justice" Turns 20
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