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Outlawz Members Reunite After 8 Years: Tupac Smiling Down On Us

“I spoke to my Outlaw brother Kastro this morning for the first time in about 8 years it brought me to tears to hear my brother voice again.”

Outlawz Members Reunite After 8 Years: Tupac Smiling Down On Us

Young Noble and Kastro of the legendary Outlawz group formed by Tupac Shakur have reunited after 8 long years.

Celebrating his 45th birthday, Young Noble is forever grateful for another year of fatherhood and life in general. Coming into the game at 18 years old, the last official Outlaw has seen it all. From recording platinum records alongside Tupac to seeing his closest comrades lose their life way too early.

“I’m grateful for the journey all the joy, pain, setbacks & lessons I learned along the way made me exactly who I am I was built for every bit of it no matter how much adversity or negativity or death I witnessed I will always keep a heart full of love an try to remain positive to myself & others even in my darkest times!,” Noble wrote on his IG caption Tuesday morning (March 21).

Nearly two years ago Young Noble indeed faced one of his darkest times as he suffered a heart attack. Thankfully for the Outlaw veteran, doctors was able to revive Young Noble who shared an update on what he called the worst day of his life. (View: Young Noble Of The Outlawz Survives A Heart Attack)

Looking to not take life for granted, Young Noble and former Outlawz member Kastro have reunited. Just with any family, one can expect ups and downs. The Outlawz have faced and overcome adversity throughout their history.

“The best gift I received today for my birthday was the gift of brotherhood & understanding! I spoke to my Outlaw brother Kastro this morning for the first time in about 8 years it brung me to tears to hear my brother voice again & laugh with him,” said Noble as he shared a throwback photo of the Outlaw brothers. “We spoke as mature men & brothers an immediately put all our past misunderstandings behind us… I had some of the best & worst times in my life with this dude we literally walked threw the fire together 4real! Moral of the story life is too short to let nonsense, misunderstandings & egos keep you from your family & people you really care about & love!! It’s cool to grow up & forgive! I already know Pac, Kadafi & Fatal smiling down on us!”

Although Kastro’s last appearance as an Outlawz member was on the group’s 2008 “We Want In” LP, he also made an appearance on the 2011 project “Perfect Timing.”

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