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Young Noble Recalls Debuting On Tupac’s Makaveli Album

Young Noble Recalls Debuting On Tupac's Makaveli Album

An 18-year-old Young Noble was able to make his rap debut on one of hip hop’s most iconic and talked about albums in history. Released on November 5th 1996, “The Don Killuminati: The 7 Day Theory,” was Tupac’s first posthumous release and Shakur’s debut under new alias Makaveli.

Talking to Instagram sharing his appreciation was Young Noble who reflected on the 26th year anniversary of his rap debut. “The most controversial hip-hop album of all time dropped 26 years ago today Nov 5, 1996! I’m grateful to Makaveli & my Outlaw Brothers for introducing me to this rap game on such a classic piece of art…The whole album was recorded in 3 days I was featured on 4 songs!!!”

It took Tupac only three days to record the entire project and more impressively, only 12 songs from what was recorded made the final cut. Entitled as the 7 Day Theory (an additional 4 days to mix and master the album), the album was released less than 2 months after Tupac’s demise.

“2Pac had just passed away 2 months before and Kadafi passed away 5 days after it dropped so you could imagine how crazy life was for us during this time! We couldn’t enjoy the success of it life was too dark an overwhelming for us at the time but when I hear it these days it bring back some of the best memories ever wit my Outlaw brothers so this will always be my favorite album!! The album went on to sell over 5 Million copies an considered to be 1 of the greatest albums of all time!,” recalled Noble on Instagram.

It didn’t take long for rap fans to be introduced to Young Noble, as he appeared on the very first song on the album. “Your style wack as ever, like you was rockin’ patent leather / Causin’ massive terror, y’all n***** lack, you ain’t thorough,” rapped Noble on ‘Bomb First.’


Noble was also featured in the classic ‘Hail Mary.’ Initially, Noble was not a fan of the Hurt-M-Badd produced song. Luckily for the last outlaw, Tupac insisted he jump on the track and the rest is history.

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