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E.D.I. Mean Talks Fights Breaking Out When Performing Hit ‘Em Up!

E.D.I. Mean, talks about the classic hip hop diss record “Hit ‘Em Up.” E.D.I. reveals if new Tupac and Outlawz music is on the way.

E.D.I. Mean Talks Fights Breaking Out When Performing Hit ‘Em Up!
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Twenty plus years later and the iconic Hit ‘Em Up diss record by Tupac and the Outlawz is still considered one of the greatest diss tracks of all time. E.D.I. Mean appeared on the After Party Radio Show, where he reflected on being apart of the history making record.

The controversial diss song aimed at Biggie Smalls and Bad Boy records did not hold back in its lyrical content nor did the music video. “I was apart of it. It wasn’t me by myself,” E.D.I. explained. “I had a problem with whoever had a problem with my guy.”

An instant classic and probably the most requested record to perform live by the Outlawz till this day, E.D.I. has witness the impact of the song even at his live performances. “I have definitely performed that song and fights have broke out,” he said referring to Hit ‘Em Up.

E.D.I. Mean Talks Fights Breaking Out When Performing Hit ‘Em Up!
Tupac, Outlawz (Hit ‘Em Up music video)

Kastro, Tupac’s cousin and former Outlawz member, also previously spoke about the classi diss record’s impact on Hip Hop. “It shook up the rap game because in Hip Hop you got beef records and people going back and forth, but what Pac did with that record is he made it very personal,” Kastro said on Napoleon’s ‘Life Of An Outlaw’ documentary. (View: Tupac’s Cousin Kastro Talks “Hit ‘Em Up” Impact Via Rare Footage)

E.D.I. also spoke about the longevity he has had in Hip Hop and how classic Tupac songs are still powerful and relevant as they were twenty plus years ago. “We was always thinking long range,” E.D.I. explains. “That’s why Pac gave us the name Outlaw Immortalz because we was like what we do right now will live forever. So the message has to be relevant enough to stand the test of time.”

As for more music on the way from Tupac Shakur, well the Outlawz member didn’t want to share much but stated, “That’s what I’m hearing,” E.D.I. Said.

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