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Mutah Beale Talks Last Album “Have Mercy” Produced By Johnny J

Mutah “Napoleon” Beale reflects on working with hit producer Johnny J on “Have Mercy Part 1,” his last piece of work in the music industry.

Mutah Beale Talks Last Album “Have Mercy” Produced By Johnny J

Before accepting Islam and retiring from the music industry, Mutah “Napoleon” Beale, was ready to pursue a solo career. The Jersey born rapper was coming full circle as he had aspirations of becoming a solo artist, but that was until Tupac plugged him into Dramacydal and the rest is history.

Prior to calling it quits, Napoleon recorded many songs, all produced by Johnny J who reached out to the talented artist. Johnny J is well known for producing some of Tupac’s biggest hits. Songs such as “How Do U Want It” and “Life Goes On.”

Speaking with Bomb1st, Napoleon reflected on the late great producer. “Definitely was a legendary producer. A lot of people don’t know, right before I left the music industry, I did a whole album with Johnny J,” explained Mutah Beale. “One day I get a call from Johnny J saying, ‘Mu, out of all the Outlawz, you are the only one that I want to record with.’ And we did a whole album together.

Mutah Beale Talks Last Album “Have Mercy” Produced By Johnny J

This would become Napoleon’s last piece of music ever recorded. During this time Napoleon had already accepted Islam. The album was recorded without any curse words, but eventually Napoleon decided to completely remove himself from the music industry due to his religion. 

“When I became Muslim I wanted to walk away from the music industry and he allowed me to walk away from my contract. He was like, ‘Look I don’t want a penny back. If this is what you want, get out of your contract and go do what you want to do.’”

Years later and the album was released in 2021. Entitled “Have Mercy Part 1,” the 10-track project also features Val Young on Napoleon’s heartfelt song dedicated to Tupac Shakur, “Never Forget.”

“They have a right to put it out, it’s theirs. I always made it clear to his wife that even though I became Muslim and I walked away, doesn’t mean that the life that I had before as far as business transactions is null and void,” said Mutah. “You have a right to put it out.”

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